About project

About project

This page is one of the information platforms of a group of volunteers from Semantic Corpus an initiative created with the support of the charitable organization “Foundation of Social Innovations “Country to Ukraine (C2U).” The Foundation aims to cultivate a socially conscious, sophisticated community in Ukraine through national projects in education and culture.

Since 2014 the Foundation’s projects have attracted 250,000 participants, mostly from the East and the South of Ukraine. These regions today suffer the most from Russian aggression. C2U uses its 8 years of experience to efficiently counteract Russian propaganda and protect key interests of Ukrainian society.

Thousands of people from creative industries across Ukraine have joined the initiative since war broke out late last month. Today our initiative unites over 2,000 volunteers who specialize in more than 30 areas.

Semantic Corpus aims to show Europe the real Ukraine, without the ever-present mediators working against our representation in the EU – the networks of influence from Russia’s secret service. Unfortunately, Russia’s been hyperactive on the “information warfront” working with media, and busy on the “semantics warfront”, distorting ideas and their communication. This hyperactivity did not trigger the attention of people in Europe, which allowed Russia to deploy enormous amounts of misinformation and disinformation.

We believe that getting to know the real Ukraine starts with a factual analysis of the biggest war on the European continent in the past 80 years. Armed with facts, analytics, and open discussion of root causes, we aim to provide the most accurate and candid account of events. It’s time to be straightforward, to speak out, and to denounce. One way or another, Europe has entered into the military phase of relations with Russia. European politicians were forced into it by Putin’s unilateral decision.

Our main goal is showing the truth. Bringing honest information to light. Providing analytics, involving experts in the discussions, and offering various platforms with which to discuss uncomfortable questions.

We try to coordinate our main communication points with the key state institutions and other major volunteer initiatives that raise their voices to the world to tell about Russia’s war against our country.

We know that the path to a secure, strong, economically developed Europe lies with a secure, strong, economically developed Ukraine. And we want people in Europe to understand that, too.

Contact Foundation for Social Innovations “From Country to Ukraine”:

Strategic partnership:
Denys Bloshchynsky, Board Chair

Program policy:
Nastya Vergeles, Program Director

https://coukraine.org/ — official website of the parent organization

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